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Itävaltalaisten haastattelututkimus tullaan tekemään englanniksi, joten julkaisemme tutkijaryhmän sähköpostin niinikään englanninkielisenä.

Dear Reader,

For a research project of the Department of Sociology at Paris Lodron University Salzburg, we are looking for people who moved from Europe or America to Hua Hin to spend their retirement there.

If this applies to you and you are interested in sharing your experiences in Hua Hin with our researchers in the course of an interview, we would be happy to receive an email to theresa.klinglmayr@plus.ac.at.

The research group will be in Hua Hin from November 25th – 30th, if you are interested please feel free to send us the dates that would be convenient for you in terms of time of the interview.

We look forward to hearing from you, best regards from Salzburg!

The Research Team


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